Fraud Alerts

Fraud alerts allow you to be notified of potential fraud to try and prevent any account or cards becoming compromised. If you have received a fraud alert for your Keen Bank debit card our fraud center will try three different ways to contact you—text, email and phone. It is very important that you respond to these alerts as soon as possible to protect your account.

You will first receive a text message from the number 96923. You can verify the status of the transaction by replying with a Y or N to the number. If you wish to opt out and not receive text alerts, you can reply with STOP.

If you do not respond or do not receive the text an email will be sent. You can click on the links within the email to verify the transactions. If you do not feel comfortable clicking links in an email, you can call the Fraud Center at 800.237.8990 to review the activity.

If there is no response to the text message or the email, an automated phone call will be made between 8 am - 9 pm. The phone call will originate from 800.237.8990. If you confirm the transaction as fraud, you will then be connected to a Fraud Analyst who will help you.

If you find fraudulent activity on your debit card, please call the Fraud Center at 800.237.8990.