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Checking & Savings

Keen Bank is your caring sidekick.

Keen Bank is committed to you and your financial wellbeing. Our bankers genuinely care and are more than willing to helping you find the right checking and saving solutions to create a solid relationship with your finances.

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Choice Checking
Our Choice Checking account is an easy choice for a low-maintenance account. It's ideal for people wanting a simple and flexible way to manage their money and also a great choice for teens and students.
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Relationship Checking
Our Relationship Checking account is our most popular account that encourages relationship banking and earns interest. It's ideal for people with multiple accounts.
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Relationship Plus Checking
Our Relationship Plus Checking account is our premier account that rewards customers with higher interest rates and more features. It's ideal for people with large account balances or loan balances.

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Classic Savings
Our Classic Savings account is a universal account that encourages long-term saving habits. It's ideal for people wanting to grow their savings and promote financial wellbeing.
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Holiday Savings
Our Holiday Savings account is a great way to save all year for the holiday gift-giving season. It's idea for people wanting to plan ahead and earn interest on the money they set aside for holiday expenses.
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Health Checking (HSA)
Our Health Checking account (HSA) is a tax-free solution for future medical expenses. It's ideal for people with high deductible health plans or people wanting to save and benefit from tax-deductible contributions and tax-free withdrawals.
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Our experienced team of bankers are committed to bringing flexible and effective banking solutions forward to ensure your financial health.
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