Helpful tools and resources.

Lost or Stolen Debit Card

If your debit card is lost or stolen, please contact our Waseca location at 507.835.2740 during normal bank business hours or 888.297.3416 on nights and weekends.

Secure Email Center

Safely send encrypted messages and attachments to Keen Bank using our Secure Email Message Center. 

Identity Theft

Learn how to prevent identity theft and know what to do if you feel your identity has been compromised.

Financial Calculators

Use these convenient calculators to help manage your finances, determine monthly payments, help save for retirement and much more.

In-House Check Printing

Keen Bank offers in-house check printing for personal and business accounts for a fast turnaround with low direct prices.

Budgeting 101

Learn how to track your income and monthly expenses to determine where you money is going to set an accurate monthly budget.

How to Save

Saving for a rainy day? College? Or dream vacation? Learn how to set up a savings plan to help reach your financial goals. 

Managing Debit

Looking to consolidate and manage debit? First, determine how much you owe and second, figure out how long it will take to pay it all off.

Retirement Planning

Learn what it takes to work towards a secure retirement by creating your retirement plan that provides you freedom in the future.


Need some help understanding financial lingo? Check out our glossary with general terms and definitions. 

Fraud Alerts

Fraud alerts allow you to be notified of potential fraud on your Keen Bank debit card to protect your account.