Remote Deposit Capture

Conveniently deposit checks from your business to improve cash flow.

With Remote Deposit Capture from Keen Bank, you can save yourself trips to the bank and easily deposit safely and securely right from your business or office. Plus, funds will be in your account sooner, which means better cash flow for your operation.

How can my business benefit from Remote Deposit Capture?
Saving time and improving cash flow are always added benefits of running a business. With a convenient check scanner that connects to your computer, you can easily scan and deposit checks quickly. This saves on time and fuel and increases productivity. Depositing checks electronically can also help you stay more organized—limiting the risk of lost or misplaced checks that needed to be brought to the bank and deposited.

  • Deposit checks quickly and easily from your business.
  • Improve cash flow by receiving funds faster.
  • Protect check deposits by securely processing them.
  • Save time and money with fewer trips to the bank.
To learn more about how Keen Bank can help your business be more efficient with Remote Deposit Capture, contact us today.