Simplify with eStatements.

Save time and go green by enrolling in eStatements for your accounts with Keen Bank. Have instant access to your statements and notices 24 hours a day, seven days a week through our secure online banking or Keen Bank mobile app.

How to enroll in eStatements

To begin the enrollment process, log into the Keen Bank app and click on the account you would like to set up for eDocuments by clicking on the second Documents button.
By default, all available accounts will be selected to receive eDocuments. If you want to make any changes to this, click the Details link.
The Details link will show a list of your accounts. You can uncheck any of the options you would prefer to not receive electronically.
Review your email address and if it is not correct, please provide an updated email address.
You will then be prompted to enter a word or security phrase. What you enter will be displayed on all email notifications so you know the emails are from the bank and are not fraudulent.
After you enter your word or phrase, you will be asked to enter an enrollment passcode. The enrollment passcode is used to verify that you’re able to view your eDocuments. Click the link to open a sample document that contains the enrollment passcode.
Enter the passcode from the sample document into the Enrollment Verification Passcode field.
After entering the enrollment passcode, you will be asked to review the Electronic Banking Account Statement Disclosure and Agreement. Once you have reviewed it, check the box to agree and then click the Enroll Now button to complete enrollment.
After enrollment has been completed, you will receive an email confirmation containing your selected security phrase in the subject line and will begin to receive email notifications when your eDocuments are ready for viewing.