Bill Pay

Pay bills automatically by enrolling in bill pay.

With Bill pay, it's easy to pay bills or make person to person electronic payments from your online banking or Keen Bank mobile app. Manage paying your bills with a one time payment or reoccurring basis to virtually any business in the United States. There are flexible payment schedule options, reminders for bills and view all payments and reminders at a glance in a calendar or list view. There is also an option to receive eBill information from supported billers. All transactions are secure and give you 24 hour access with a rush payment option.

Set Up Bill Pay

To set up Bill pay, log in to your online banking or Keen Bank mobile app and click the Payments option in the menu.
Once you are enrolled, follow these instructions to set up payment for bills.
  • Enter the information from your bill. Please make sure the information is filled out accurately including the phone number of the business and your account number. This must match exactly for proper processing.
  • If a company is set up to receive electronic payment and the information you enter is accurate, the Payee will be automatically set up to send payments electronically. If not, the payment will go by check. If payments are sent by check, please allow seven days for delivery. 
Once you are enrolled, follow these instructions to set up person to person payments.
  • Enter the name, phone number and email address.
  • You will be asked to create a shared keyword for the person to use setting up the account. This keyword should be told to the person you are paying to prevent any fraudulent payee setups.
  • The payee will receive an email with a link to enter their account information. Once the payee has completed the setup you will be able to schedule a payment to them.
  • When the payee clicks the link in the email, they will be asked to enter the shared keyword that you have provided to them.
  • After entering the shared keyword, the payee can then enter their account information through the secure portal. You will never need to see their account information.