Notes & Images for Transactions

Manage spending by adding notes and images to your transactions.

Keen Bank makes it easy to help set a budget and track your spending by adding tags and notes to your transactions via online banking or through the Keen Bank mobile app. This gives you the power to search by transaction type—groceries, entertainment, utilities—and add simple descriptions.

Set Up Tags

To add a tag, click on the posted transaction under Transactions and select Add Tags. Select the tags you want to apply to the transaction or click Add Tag to create a new one. You have the ability to apply multiple tags to one transaction. Select if you want to apply the tag to a single transaction or all similar transactions.
To search for a tag, the tagged transactions will show the tag in the Transaction listing. To view only your tagged transactions, click the Search Transactions button in the transaction listing and enter "tag:" and the tag you want to search for. You can also click Search and sorting options to open the Advanced Search box and select the tags you want to find.

Add Notes 

By adding notes to your transactions, it give you a simple description to remind you of what the transaction was for. 

To add a note, click on the transaction in the Transaction listing and click Add Notes.

Add Images 

If you have a receipt, check image or other important information you want connected to a transaction, it's easy to add images that will be included with that transaction for as long as you need it by simply taking a photo and uploading it via online banking or with the Keen Bank mobile app. 

To add an one image or multiple images to a transaction, click on the transaction in the Transaction listing and click Add Images. To view the image, click on the thumbnail to view it full size.